I'm looking for someone creative to edit a shot video project for me.

I need between 5 - 10 minutes of film noir detectives linked together in a general story arc (can be as simple as them all talking around the subject of "looking for someone").

Ideally the bulk of the film would be sections with stong sound and simple sound effects, like someone being followed down an empty street.

Any dialogue should be as free from music as possible, the ideal would be just the speech.

I will be creating the soundtrack so any sounds need to be easily replicable.

A short example of what I have in my head using clips from different films:
Shadow at a window > Detective looks up > woman running down stairs > Detective follows > etc etc

I have a collection of about 8 films that I have converted to .avi for use in this, which I can send to you. Any additional material would be welcome.

There would be much creative freedom for you to make what you see fit as you would be required to scan through the films for appropriate sections.

Would need to see examples as work progresses throughout the week.

Can offer 200 for delivery on Friday, possibly with small revisions on Saturday. In the interest of trust I will pay half the fee after the first 2 workinprogress examples and the rest on delivery.

Should be easy money for a few days of work (which is quite fun if you like film noir)

Please message me if you need more info