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Thread: Does Graphics card matter?

  1. Default Does Graphics card matter?

    Ive heard people say that quality of a graphics doesnt matter when rendering creating DVD etc.

    I would have thought it would matter when editing HD using AVCHD, even for previewing on vegas to trim on on timeline ?

    should i upgrade my integrated video card ?

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    I'm hoping that some really knowledgeable person will answer this. What I've gleamed about this is that most NLE software does not utilise the benefits of the graphics card. BUT I would have thought it must help when previewing something like a 3D transition.

    I understand the rendering is all just processor.[ I also have a vague recollection that some software has now started to utilise the Graphics card but I can't remember which that was.

    So I'd like to know the answer to this question as well.

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    you should always upgrade an integrated video card, but that is my personal preferance :P

    anyway, to answer your question; Video editing generally does not require a video card upgrade, unless your current card can't display at a sufficiently high resolution.

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