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Thread: DVD Creation - what do I do now ??

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    Default DVD Creation - what do I do now ??

    Hi, I've just finished 2 short 6 minute movies. One in Premiere 6.0 and the other in MovieMaker.
    I don't know what I need to do to create my DVD's of both of my movies ?
    I gather I have to get DVD Creation software, correct ? Premiere 6.0 I don't think makes it pssible to create DVDs from it's program.
    Is there any full version free downloadable DVD Creation Software available on the Internet ?
    Also is is possible to convert MovieMaker files ( mwv ? ) to AVI files, and if so are there any free full version softwares available ?

    These 2 short movies I've made include my recording rates that I will be charging for 3 recording session offers I am offering via my on line music recording studio, so I'm not sure if YouTube will allow me to upload them -

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    i think Moviemaker is ok can burn your files on dvd disc, but it's kind of complicated, i don't know exactly how to do it.
    but i used a software before, it's very easy to do this job. fast and easy to use, you can try it: iSharesoft DVD Creator. iSharesoft Video Converter, video editing software, Video to iPod Converter, iphone ringtones.
    and maybe you can find the solution of converting you files on their website.

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    Default Re DVD Creation

    Thanks !! I'll check it out !

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