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Thread: Post sony vegas rendering lag

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    Default Post sony vegas rendering lag

    I recorded an HD video in 720p, and i wanted to add some effects and music to it in sony vegas. Everything was going great, the effects looked nice, until i tried rendering it. After i rendered it, the video has all this lag to it, the audio however does not lag. I dont know what is causing this problem, my computer is suitable for HD viewing, and the video i edited which is in HD played fine. Could adding effects to a video cause it to lag after rendering? Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    When i render it with the video mode set to CBR, it has the lag problems. But when i render it as Quality VBR, the lag is slightly minimized, yet ends up being about 1 GIG, which is too big.
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    Normally a VBR will be a smaller file size than fix bit rate unless you set the minimum bit rate to high.

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    Even so, there is still lag after rendering the video. I have no idea what is causing it to do this, it plays fine in the preview

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    Does it play fine at full screen with best quality in the preview ?

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    yes, it plays fine full screen

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    What you are describing sounded like a classic "computer not powerful enough to run HD video problem" BUT if you say your computer is powerful enough to run full screen AT BEST QUALITY then obviously there is some other problem. This is beyond me. As it could be a problem with your rendering setting of which I'm not very clued up with Vegas.

    Hopefully someone else may be able to help.

    Sorry I can't help.

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    ill just try reinstalling vegas and see if that does anything. thanks for the help though!

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    hmm, well i am still having problems. the rendered video is more choppy than anything.

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    Have you done a disk defrag recently ? I'm not saying this will solve your problem but it can't hurt. I would recommend posting screen grabs of your rendering settings, all three screens of the custom rendering screens would help someone to assist you. Also maybe your PC spec.

    Good luck.

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