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Thread: HD camera for cinema student

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    Default HD camera for cinema student

    Hi, this is my first post eheh.

    I'm a cinema student in Portugal, and i wanna to buy a HD camcorder! I am searching but there's a lot of brands and models and i don't know what camera is the best for me.

    I want a camera to film some short movies but it have to be compact to take it to travel. (no semi-professional cameras)

    I've already read some nice reviews about Canon hv40 and i think that is a nice camera but i want to buy one that have Hard Drive.
    Anyone know what camera is apropriate for me?


    A camera that can be more manual possible
    Versatile to attach mics and accessories
    Nice quality
    Hard Drive

    My English is not very good but I think that people understand.

    Many thanks!

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    Panasonic HS300

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