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Thread: Pinnacle DV500 With Adobe Premiere Pro

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    Default Pinnacle DV500 With Adobe Premiere Pro

    I hav Pinnacle DV500DVD which came with Premiere 6.5. Now i want to use Premiere Pro. I went to Pinnacle Support for the compability they gave me this answer

    "There are no plans to develop DV500 drivers for Premiere Pro. You can use Premiere Pro, but the DV500 cards will be recognized as generic firewire cards. No analog capture or real-time rendering support."
    Can anybdy explain me what the above paragraph means?

    Can i install Premiere Pro as well so that i can have both 6.5 and Pro. So to capture i can use 6.5 and PRO for editing purpose.

    I will be very grateful if someone help me. :o

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    I didn't have any issues with both 6.5 and 1.0 installed on my system. Haven't tried using 1.5 and 6.5, but a download of the trial will solve answer your question.

    Essentially any hardware acceleration given by the card in 6.5 will not be available in Pro.

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