TOD to WMV Converter is dedicated to convert .TOD files to regular video files which are readable by common media players and editing programs. It can export .TOD files to WMV and other popular video format files. As a powerful program, the TOD to WMV Converter also allows you to import .TOD, .MOD, .MKV, .VOB, .MPG, .MP4, .MOV, and .3GP files to your PC for conversion and edit.

What is WMV?

WMV stands for Windows Media Video. It is used for both streaming and downloading content via the Internet. You can playback and manage the files of this format on Windows Media Player.

Follow the step-by-step guide to convert TOD files to WMV.

Step 1: Download Tanbee TOD to WMV Video Converter, double click the .exe file to install it.

Step 2: Launch the TOD to WMV Converter, click "Add" button to load TOD clips.

Step 3: Select "Common Video"->"WMV Video(*.wmv)" from the output format list.

Step 4: You can edit the clip before conversion.

Step 5: Click "Convert" to start converting TOD files to WMV.

Note: This TOD to WMV Converter Supports TOD files from camcorders like:

JVC TOD camcorders

* 2007: GZ-HD7 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), GZ-HD3 (HDD, SD/SDHC card)
* March 2008: GZ-HD5 (HDD, MicroSDHC card), GZ-HD6 (HDD, MicroSDHC card)
* June 2008: GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40 (HDD, MicroSDHC card, dual TOD and AVCHD recording)