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Thread: WANTED: Broken/semi destroyed cameras

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    Default WANTED: Broken/semi destroyed cameras

    Hi all,

    A slightly unusual request - I am looking for people with cameras that have been broken or made unusable through damage for spares use - Ideally with the LCD screen/viewfinder intact.

    Interested in any make/model but ideally Sony HDV, PAL.

    Many thanks, let me know in this thread if you have anything of interest and I will make you an offer.


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    I have a Fuji Finepix F610 - can view previous pictures etc but you just get purple lines/ blank screen when try to take new photos.

    Have confirmed with Fuji that it's a CCD problem which will cost 88 to repair.

    Not keen on paying for that as my birthday & christmas coming up - so may just get a new one instead.

    Are you interested in it?

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    I'm afraid that is not quite what I was after but thank you for getting in touch.


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