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Thread: Do your worst!

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    Wink Do your worst!

    I have noticed that the quality of user videos has been getting better, so I thought I'd throw a spanner in the works and present this for you all to pull to pieces. It was shot 3 years ago at Flamingo Park Zoo during the usually closed winter months but they had a free day for locals, so we thought it might be fun to go.

    Anyway I'm fully aware of all the problems with this video but I thought doing a critique may help others not to make the same noobie mistakes as I did.

    Have fun and do your worst. lol

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    by the beard of zeus that music was annoying hehe

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    It's really is and just keeps going on and on and on. lol

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    The laddy doth protest too much! It was charming. And it shows someone has taken care to put it together and understands the importance of editing. I'm sure this is far from your worst.

    I have a similar (and considerably worse in many respects) version of almost the same film - except it's four years old and was at Marwell Zoo. Filmed October 2005 (edited December 2005). Similar length to yours and some very simlar shots. I won't post it as is may just use some music to which I do not have the rights

    Good idea to post early works for comment & pointers for newbies. I think it's important to point out the good along with the bad - and particularly highlight any notably good shots or sequences - often these are created by accident and the maker might not be aware that he's done it.

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    That's true Tim I did take a lot of effort at the time. I came across it as I was doing some computer house keeping and just wanted to change the statement at the end. BUT after viewing it and seeing the noobie type errors I thought it would be a good idea to use it as a test piece

    It's not just about the bad things it's also to point out the good things like trying to have a narrative some good shots I love the Tiger shot. The reaction shot of my daughter to hearing the tiger etc. I shot and edited it and even with the zooms and dodgy pans and wobbly hand held and annoying music and the length etc.... I still like it as it is a moment of my daughters life that is captured for ever BUT putting all that aside it might be useful for future readers to read through and spot what they should and shouldn't do.

    I was also hoping it might draw Shrimpy out of the shadows, where is he ?

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    I found 2 sections particularly interesting because the editing seemed to convince me that something was just about to happen, but didn't:

    i.e, I expected:
    a) to see a hippo (from a different angle) after being told there really were hippos there.
    b) the person circling the pool was going to feed the dolphins.

    Also. Being a man whose videos are all out of focus, pointing at the wrong thing and judder; I would not dare offer a critique of Mblue's video. However, I was interested to see how simply editing in cutaways (forgive me if I am using the wrong term) and then returning to the original camera position makes the film more interesting and flow nicely; but that returning to exactly the same camera position feels disappointing.

    Thanks for posting the video and comments. All very interesting.

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    That was one of the funny things I was expecting to see the hippos but they just stayed in there muddy hole. lol Which is a good thing to point out because that is something I should have left out.

    Again at the pool I was expecting the man to feed to Sea lions but he didn't so I should have left that bit out. Maybe just a close up of the sign saying these animals bite.

    "I would not dare offer a critique of Mblue's video." You make me sound intimidating.
    I think you did a good job of pointing out some obviously flaws. We are all entitled to say what we like or dislike about any video. No matter who's video we are commenting on.

    Not sure exactly what you mean by cut away and then back to the same camera position. If you could give me some time points when there is an example of this.

    Thanks Tim

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    Diddle Diddle Diddle Diddle Diddle Di Dee Di Dee Diddle Diddle Diddle Diddle Deeeeeee. The Bells, The Bells, Esmerelda, The Bells. Take that CD back Midnight you have been ripped off Only joking, it was delightful although very similar to water boarding I think.

    Charming shots indeed, I love the expressions on your daughters face , the sound of the tiger and the glossy wetness of the sea lions.

    Gratuitous zooming of the first degree
    Drunken skylines
    A zebra wearing a metal bandanna

    Actually it was a good effort mate, of course you have advanced in leaps and bounds but we really all should dig out one or two from the back catalogue and offer them up. Its great to see a crop of exceptional films but lets face it, it gets a bit boring when they are all perfect and there is nothing to get stuck into.

    Good idea Midnight

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    The music is part of the SmartSound bundle that comes with pinnacle. I like it for about 10 second but as this movie is far to long it becomes, well you all know what it does.

    What you call gratuitous zooms I call stylish reveals.
    Drunken Skyline ?! I'm not God the sky is what the sky is.
    The Zebra was very depressed, hardly surprising in that horrible muddy field, The sub plot of the movie which has by passed everyone so far is how keeping animals in captivity is not the best thing for the animal.

    You forgot to mention the agoraphobic hippos.

    for the benefit of future readers I'm only joking about the dodgy camera work these are the kind of noobie things to look out for to make your movies that bit more professional looking.

    Thanks Shrimpy but I expected more form you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Thanks Shrimpy but I expected more form you.
    I know you did but until you settle my bill for being kind to your last movie thats all I can let you have

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