I am new here and I need some Ideas, This is the script that I wrote I need some Ideas or changes that you think that should be done: (is a 60 second commercial)

Make your business famous
With _________ let people talk about your business everywhere, in any language.
You pay for people to talk
In the last years the advertising business has grown tremendously and new methods were introduced to the market, but according to professionals the best ad responses still for the old fashion method "word of mouth" , and in ___________ that's what we do.
We pay people to talk about your product, to write opinions, in blogs, forums, share with their families, friends and even more.
Our technology connects thousands of people around the globe with you, waiting just for you to release the great news about your service so they can start spreading it all over.
Imagine people of different entities in different places of the world and just talking about your product, soon you may reach important websites, news papers, radio, and even the Television.
- Choose where the news goes.
- Give people instruction on what they share.
- Get complete verification of their work.
An the most important thing start with as little as $20
So what are you waiting for?
Make your business famous