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    I have a cinema website and i want to make weekly video show. The show, no more that 5-7 minutes long will have an intro(10 seconds)and 6-7 portions of diferent subjects. No show host, just voice-over and music over. Trailers, images from movies and such.

    For the intro, the title sequence of the show, i need some advice please. I want to create something very nice and i have found this software : DPack - professional broadcast quality 3D animation templates . I want something like one of those intros, but with pictures or portions of movies included also. Something like here : La Minute > La Minute du mercredi 25 novembre 2009 - une émission AlloCiné

    Between the portions of the show, i want to have a 2 seconds split title like "Box-office News" or "Now in cinemas", or "Trailer of the week".

    So, do you think i should buy that software, or do you have any alternatives? That is only for intro and splashes and end credits, but for the show, the putting together, what should i use? Basically i want to create a template and always use it, and only change the content of the show and the voice-over so it goes quickly, maybe i can do it once every couple of days. Please give me advices.

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    What editing software do you currently have? You could probably do a lot with what you already have. However BluffTitler is a good title program for only $40. Only DPack 1 is available on that site, it's not very expensive for these templates, so long as you learn how to do a good job with BluffTitler you can't go very wrong with this.
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    Just to make sure ypou're clear - DPack is a set of templates. You need to buy this AND Bluff Titler in order to make it work.

    I've owned BT for a couple of years and though I don't use it much it seems pretty capable. I don't think you can import moving footage though.

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