Hello, I am a video newbie and excited to get my first camcorder. I need advice on what would be a good starter camera that will work well with my current computer hardware/software setup (not state of the art - I know). I want to be able to do some basic editing and output to DVD. I realize my hardware and software will not support AVCHD as much as I wish it could. So the Canon Vixia HF20 I have been drooling over for days is probably not a wise choice. So I need someone who has worked with older technology who can share there good experience. Help please!!

My Hardware:
Apple PowerPC G4 Dual 1 GHz (upgraded to Dual 1.73 GHz)
1.5 GB SDRAM (maxed out)
2 internal HDD [160 GB , 500 GB] and one external HDD (usb) [500 GB] for backup
NVIDEA GeForce4 MX graphics card w/ 64 MB VRAM

My Software:
OS X 10.5.8
Final Cut Pro HD 4.5
iMovie HD 5.0.2
iDVD 7.0.4
DVD Studio Pro 3.0.2

Any advice on starting out would be greatly appreciated as I am a total Newb. But hey, everyone reading this was a Newb at one time.