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Thread: Camcorder Handling Techniques for Smoother Shots

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    At the current time, my shots are very unsteady when not on a tripod, and I would like to make them as perfect as possible. While walking, running, sitting still, sitting on my knees, anything and everything I want to learn to do better. Now finding this information, for me apparently, isn't the easiest task, and I was hoping to find some videos to see the technique, telling me how would help but seeing would help most. If anyone has any recommendations that would be extremely helpful for me. Thank you in advance.

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    Here's a starter for you.

    "Human Tripod". Keep your elbows tucked in and the camera close to the chest if using the screen viewer or better still use the eye piece but keep the elbows tucked in. This acts like a human tripod, three points of contact.

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    You can buy "Steadycam" or "Glidecam" (I believe they're bith trade names) stabilizers for anything up to zillions of dollars/pounds or attempt to make them for considerably less...
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    Or a "Fig Rig" on which to mount you camera
    Take a look at Chris' site DIY Camera Rig Tutorials for some ideas

    But one of the simplest and cheapest solutions which you can carry in your pocket (and has been recommended to me - hence I've asked Santa) is a POD Jessops - The Pod - Camera Support - Jessops

    It's just a bean bag with a screw thread for camera mounting. Just a bean bag will also do. Then you can make use of just about any surface (it doesn't need to be flat) to get that steady shot where a static shot is all that's required.

    It seems only the Red is available in the UK. Larger cameras would require the Black.
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