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    I don't have a clue what that was all about but I did really enjoy it. I take it it was not your flat? To improve it I think the volume of your voice needs to be louder as the music made it difficult to hear what you were saying. Also, maybe you should have spoken to camera rather than to our left of screen. Your chosen direction is suitable if we are meant to think someone else is in the room with you, which is not what I think was your intention? Speaking to camera would have been better I think.

    I loved seeing you throw that stuff around and I liked the ending with the box of cans coming in.

    Still no idea what it was about though?

    Good effort

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    Have you tried wearing a tin foil hat ? This may help with the voices.

    I would have been nice in colour and not the "mono brown" tones.

    How much are Cheerios paying you ?

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    Its nice to get a sensitive, deep and meaningful experience through the media of video.
    Would it help if a drank 15 cans of Guiness, would the video have made more sense. I don't really know or care.
    What I do know is that I quite enjoyed this bollocks and I know that if ever I decide to trash my house I will definately video the proceedings.
    Thanks for sharing


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