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    Hi all I am new to this and would like to start by cleaning up some fairly bad avi footage from a digital still camera which is very dark then move on to geting old vhs footage and cleaning it up if possible before burning to dvd.
    so its the same old question what is the best software for this not too complicated as i am just starting to teach myself

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    adobe premiere or sony vegas pro are the best post editing software for a you get more advanced you should start to use after effects after post editing.

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    Whilst Dusty's recommendations are for good software for an absolute beginner you might want to try Pinnacle. The user interface is very simple and easy to use for anyone. If you then find you want to progress further with video editing then move on to the more expensive ones.

    You can down load a free trial of Pinnacle Studio from there website.

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    true story! i personally skipped pinnacle and went straight into sony vegas pro... and used the abundance of tutorials on youtube to get started hehe..each to their own though

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