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Thread: Just can't get stabilization work properly.

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    Default Just can't get stabilization work properly.

    Hey all,

    In the past 2 days i've been trying to find a method to stabilize my video.
    It's been filmed by my friend, with pretty shaky camera, so I want to get the video stabilized.

    Anyhow, after searching and trying many methods, it seems like nothing works!

    I tried plugins such as deshaker, and SteadyMove Pro.

    It seems like everyone over the web manages to get their video stabilized, yet mine won't, even with several methods.

    The recent one I'm using at the moment is the SteadyMove Pro plugin for AE.
    I did exactly as shown on the tutorials, yet it still doesn't work!
    The video is still shaky, and not only it doesn't do any better to the video, it gets the quality worse and the audio delayed.

    As you already realised, I don't have much background with editing videos, but i'm a quick learner with it comes to that stuff (i'm working with photoshop and such for many years now).

    What can I possibly do wrong?

    The only thing wrong with the videos is that the picture is shaky. The video was taken without movement. It's a static filming of a moving object (human) with many shakes like the person filming got Parkinson.

    Thanks in advance.
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