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Thread: Timelapse Advice - which Camcorder?

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    Default Timelapse Advice - which Camcorder?

    Hello Everyone

    I am big fan of time lapse movies. I currently use my DSLR camera but I would like to switch to a camcorder (to prevent my shutter from breaking down). Has someone experience in doing time lapse movies with a video cam? Any advise is highly appreciated.



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    Variable frame rate cameras to do time laps are a bit specialised I think. It's not the usual consumer video camera option. Having said that I'm sure there will be something out there but I don't know much about all the different cameras.

    How you shoot this sort of thing will depend on your budget. If you have experience using a DSLR I'm sure you already know the basics.

    I am lucky in that my camera will do time laps, I just set the frame rate ie: 1 frame per second or what ever you want and press record. Then have a cup of tea and a sticky bun and wait until you've got the length of shot you want. Remember played back at 25 frames per second the above would take 25mins to shoot a one minute clip.

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    I used my camcorder with 120 GB hard disc to do this little test: Basically I just left it recording for the time and after it was finished I sped up the material to required tempo. You can also use a script to extract single frame every minute or whatever period of time you need to have a kind of stop-motion film:

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