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    Hello... I am kinda new with video editing... I am trying to do a music video with a movie its in avi format... when i try to import into adobe premiere cs4 I have no issues sound is good and everything but the video is blank or only a few seconds of it appears... I was wondering if I have to change the avi codec to dv codec and if I can do this with adobe media encoder or do I have to download a avi - dv avi converter... will appreciate the help in trying to fix this issue... Thanks!

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    I didn't understand your question , can you put it more in a detailed way..
    I understood you are using CS4 and trying to make a music video..

    After you captured all your videos on your Hard drive , then you need to import your videos into your project , then drag and drop your imported videos on CS4's timeline , and if you are talking about you can't see the whole video on your timeline, then you need to select show frames from the left side and it will show your footage , then once you are done with editing , then CS3 you have to "Export to movie" should be the same with CS4 i guess , then once your rendering is done , then you can see your music video in AVI format !!

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