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Thread: Pinnacle studio 9 missing data issues

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    Question Pinnacle studio 9 missing data issues

    Hi guys,

    I apologise if this has already been asked, however i could not find the information i am after on another topic.

    A friend of mine has the above mentioned software and recently he opened a project that he has been working on to find that all the work that he had done had been lost,

    This project had been saved many times along the way and we are at a loss as to why this has happened.

    My friend is understandably anxious to get this resolved because at least 30 hours of work had gone into this project

    any help would be much appreciated,


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    Has he still got the origional captured footage ? Has he just lost the project file ? He could do a search in windows explorer for "*.stx" this will locate all the project files on his computer. If he has saved it, as you say, it will be there.

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    The project file is still there and will open with pinnacle and his captured file is there too, what has dissapeared is the work done on the project in the "timeline" section at the bottom, its as if he has to start it all again.

    im sorry if i appear a bit dense, but what i know about video editing can be put on the back of a postage stamp! lol

    all i know is the 2 hours of timeline at the bottom has gone from full to blank.
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    Ok, the only thing I can think that might have happened is he's moved or renamed the originally captured files. Then later opened Pinnacle at this point Pinnacle will have come up with an error say files not there or something like that. He must have chosen to ignore the error rather than try and find the captured video files. If this is the case he could try and put thing back to how they where. I don't hold out much hope as it sounds like he has then saved the project as it is now. Which unfortunattly means he has to start again.

    The only plus point is that he will be quicker this time.

    Other than that I can't help any more.

    I do hope it works out for them.

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    Many thanks

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    I was recently working on a project on Pinnacle Ultimate14 and I have been saving for hours and hours. Then, after adding some music, I clicked save again and then I think the system crashed or something and when I went to open up the file again, nothing was in the timeline -- no video, no audio, no effects -- nothing. Simply a blank screen.

    Do you know what could have occured?

    Is there anything I could do to possibly retrieve the file?

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    I won't answer in to the PM. Did you re-open the project file.

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    Default same thing happened to me

    This exact same thing just happened to me in Studio 14.

    I tried opening a file (I have been working on it for awhile, saving it and opening it multiple times with now problems) and this time it said it can't open the file and now it just gives me a blank timeline.

    The project file is still there, the folder with the project file information is still there, but when I try to open it nothing appears in the timeline.

    What can I do? I am devastated!

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    If the project file is corrupt the may be a back up somewhere but don't ask me where. The other reason could be that you have moved the source video form the original location.

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    I have searched my computer for all .stx files but I don't see any backups.

    All of the files are in the same folders as they were when I created the timeline. I haven't changed anything.

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