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    Default Stressed?!

    check this out:

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    Two things I liked about this was first the positive message and two the music was great.

    One thing that could have improved the video would be to have some natural sound. Laughing, chatting etc. Another thing it could have done with some sound/music at the beginning before the main music started.

    Over all I liked it.

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    I agree with Midnight, plus, use a tripod ALL the time. There's a shaky bit in the middle that is quite off-putting!
    Otherwise, good effort.

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    Agree with the MBs comments about nat sound. For once I wasn't nothered by the lack hand-held look, though I think a tripod would improve it.

    Great little inspirational film (excuse me while I get back on my couch)

    However, this doesn't excuse you for posting it in more than one section.

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    I agree with the above. It really needs some sound at the beginning other than the sound effects, I thought my sound was broken and I imagine a number of viewers would bail before it gets going.

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    Not sure if you're still working on this but I've painstakingly put together thousands of natural sounds at background sound effects

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    OP came here to spam so his film is the worst piece of crap ever made.


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