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    Hi thanks for reading this. i am very very new to editing and have just bought a mac book pro with final cut express. i also have around 5 hours of footage that i shoot on a pd170. i would like ot know the best way to get this onto a hard drive for editing. i only have one firewire port on my macbook pro that i am using for the camera - computer link..... i have a usb external hard drive but have been told that usb is not good for video ediitng.... what should i do? how should i set up my system? i dont think having 5 hours of video on my mac book pro hard drive would be a good idea....any help please?
    thank you in advance

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    It used to be the case that USB was not recommended for editing. This is no longer the case. My set up is such that all my footage is on external hard-drives connected by USB and I have no speed issues.

    I edit with FCE on a Macbook and an external hard-drive without any problems.

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    oh thanks thats great news...i have spent so much money on this already i was not looking foward to spending any more.... so if i just hook it up with the camera on the firewire and send it to external usb drive it should befine....thanks again

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    That will be fine. Probably not as quick as if the footage was on your internal drive but I doubt you'll notice the difference that badly. Have fun with your MBP! //

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