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    Hello, I've been making videos for 2 years now, and I want to make my videos more original.

    So can you please post your favourite filming techniques?

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    I prefer an organic type of movie. ie not special FX but what you shot on the day of the shoot is what you see on the screen without doing lots of work in post. Look at this as an example of what you can do just with camera and fabulous lighting.

    [ame=""]Brief Encounter[/ame]

    DOn't get me wrong I loved The Matrix which is full of green screen and CGI but I love to see a well lit movie.
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    Whilst it's sensible to have an arsenal of techniques at ypur disposal, they won't make you films original. It,s also important to place camera and editing style in context. What type of films are you making.

    The bottom line is getting the fundamentals righ..
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