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Thread: Recording audio via a mixing desk

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    Default Recording audio via a mixing desk

    Just a quick one,

    I am filming an event where people will be speaking into a microphone.

    If i wanted to record a good quality version of their audio, could I just plug into the mixing desk? if so what sort of lead would I need from the camera? an XLR to mini jack3.5mm?


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    Most mixing desks can send to a feed from a standard jack (6.3mm).

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    Hi Midnight,

    Much appreciated for the advice,

    Would I need any sort of in camera settings changed to take the feed from a 3.5mm jack in the desk to the xlr on the camera.

    Its just a voice on a microphone, no music etc

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    You should have a line/mic switch on your camera or in the menu settings. If you take a feed from a mixing desk you should have this set to line.

    Are you sure it's a 3.5mm mini jack. It's usually a standard jack 6.3mm (1/4 inch)?

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    I wasn't sure so i've gone for a xlr to 3.5mm jack. Since I allready have a 3.5mm to 6.3mm convertor I am hoping this way both bases are covered just in case.

    Very much new territory this is so iam hoping to have as many options as possible

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