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    Default Magazine Recommendations?

    Okay Marc, didn't know where to put this so I thought I'd pop it in here, please move it to where you see relevant. Thanks.

    Does anyone know of any descent Digital Video magazines? Now obviously I like reading this forum, but when I'm not at my computer it's kinda hard to read, yet whenever I go to any of my magazine retailers, I've seen about 15 or so magazines on Digital Photography, 10 magazines on Digital Home or Home Entertainment, yet in most of the shops, only 1 magazine for Digital Video, and that was Digital Video Made Easy, a nice magazine that takes you through the basics of "this is a video camera..... if you switch it on (make sure you take the lens cap off and put in a special tape) you can point it at things and by pressing record it magically transfers them to tape which you can then watch on your TV by plugging in special wires.....but if you have a PC (Personal Computer) you can buy a card (not a birthday card but a special computer card) that will let you capture your recorded video onto the computer....." yadda yadda yadda

    Okay, so it does cover the odd thing, but really, it's a bit on the basic side, and if you've been using Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro for a few years (admittedly am now learning new things with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Encore, but still) you don't really want to be reading a magazine that tells you everything you need to know to make your first movie

    So does anybody know of any really good, really descent UK magazines that cover Digital Video? Hardware/Software, reviews etc.etc.etc.

    I managed to find one magazine Computer Video Editing but it wasn't in one of my usual shops so I'm assuming with the plethora of magazines covering Digital Photography and all those on Home Entertainment, there's got to be more magazines for video editing.

    I also learned after checking the Computer Video Editing website and subsequent forum, that Highbury Publications are ceasing production of this magazine in favour of...............more entry level magazines like Digital Video Made Easy. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH

    Obviously the world is full of newbies to video editing and there are no professionals that want to read magazines these days.

    Cheers in advance.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope everyone has a prosperous 2005

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    Default SLYugioh...

    Hey how u doing?

    New to the forum...

    Just wondering whether you found any decent mags?

    I've been looking around and googled for video mags but can't seem to find anything. I use Premiere Pro, Encore 1.5 and After Effects, but i've only recently started to get into video editing in a serious way, in the past 6months or so.

    Been thinking of building a proper video editing system too, so i'm looking for reviews on hardware etc..

    My current setup is a P4 2.4 (OC @ 2., 2gb DDR, 320gb hdd (almost full), GF4 Ti4600, Creative Audigy 6.1, running on XP Pro.

    I was thinking of getting a video editing card but don't know which one to get, maybe the RTX10 is it? They all come with Software that i already use so i'm trying to find one without the software.

    : : :

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    Okay, Computer Video and Digital Video Made Easy have both been dropped and amalgamated into the all new replacement for Camcorder User, which is now called "Digital Video".

    In my opinion it probably won't take you that much beyond where you are now as if you have been using Final Cut and DVDSP for a while you are probably quite seasoned in the hardware/software and camcorder equipment side of things. However, this opinion of mine is based on the very first issue of Digital Video magazine and I'm sure after a few issues they will find their feet and their target audience will become more obvious. Based on the first issue, the target audience is a little hazy, this is understandable as the editorial staff have obviously been under considerable pressure to put all those magazines into one and meet the deadline.

    If you want my opinion, I would always strive to aim higher with your productions and shooting practices, you need something to aspire to and I don't think Digital Video magazine will do this for you (based on what you have said).

    Might I suggest getting some of the subscriber based magazines that are not dictated to by the dreaded money grabbing WHSmiths.

    One excellent publication is "Showreel" see their site at they have equipment reviews and great editorials, no tutorials though. It is aimed at the independent filmmaker and cinematographer and although their is a lot of Film (as in 35mm and Super16) content, the principles are the same.

    Another great publication is Zerb, but you have to join the Guild of Television Cameramen to get that one.

    Then there is Focus, again you have to join the IOV to get that, not as professional as Zerb and tends to be aimed at wedding videographers, but is clearly aimed at independent production companies and people who are taking the step from amateur to professional.

    Film and Video Maker magazine is a half decent read and is aimed at very low budget independent filmmakers, see the iac website at: good reviews and features from inde filmmakers who are actually more concerned with doing it as opposed to talking about the latest digital camcorder and it's bells and whistles.

    Televisual is another great, but very professional and high end (25,000 Canon HD lenses etc), but is good to drool over. HD (free) is similar, but concentrates on HD cams.

    There is a Scotish publication called "Rough Cuts" and it's free to subscribe to, aimed at inde filmmakers who shoot on DV and Super 16 etc with a lean towards film festivals in Scotland.

    Arri do a magazine called Arri News, which is also great and makes good drool material.

    Hope this helps you out in some way. Aim higher with your productions and try and learn from the professionals, even if you are only shooting on a 1000 miniDV camcorder and editing on iMovie or Premiere, it's a means to an ends and it's all about your own creative flare.
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    Ignore the above comments about "Digital Video" and give it a go.

    The magazine has a number of "targets" ranging from the bloke who's just bought a four hundred quid camcorder to those who are thinking about being semi-professional. It doesn't appeal much to the geeks who just want in-depth discussions about obscure software foibles but, for someone who's interested in using a camcorder, rather than just thinking about it, it's a relaxed, informative read.
    It's also taken over from "camcorder user" as the chill-out read for the broadcast sector and has kept most of their writers and contributors. The publishers had a half-dozen publications, most only selling a few thousand copies, so they amalgamated the titles into one "Digital Video". It's only just been re-launched so hasn't got its own identity fully sorted just yet.
    Anyway, I think paper-based publications should be supported, especially those squarely aimed at entertaining and accomodating the enthusiast.

    If you just fancy dreaming and imagining that you'll make your micro-budget feature "one day" then it's not really for you but if you want to have fun with your "spiffy" 1000 camcorder the you'll find that "Digital Video" magazine is worth a look.

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    At the end of the day it's "Each to their own" but from what I have seen of the first issue of Digital Video magazine it is not going to give SLYugioh what he is looking for, he probably already knows his craft to some extent and now wants to step it up a gear. Digital Video magazine is a good stepping stone for a few years as you hop from total beginner over into the professional arena.

    Digital Video magazine does make interesting reading. Rob Lambert contributes with the professional element and so does Colin Barrett, however I think SLYugioh should still check out some of the professional broadcast magazines that I suggested above. It will be great inspiration for him as he obviously needs something to get his teach into, a serious challenge so to speak.

    Just my opinions of course.
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    This is a classic case of, "each to their own". You both have valid points, but I'd like to think TradeSecret's ideal wins out.

    I opened up these forums as an offshoot of digital-director. This, in turn, was a direct result of me writing a few guides as a personal aide memoire. I'm the first to admit that some of my guides are patronising beyond belief. But the point of the matter is that some people find them useful. Sure, they're not always 100% correct and sure there's better resources... but they do help.

    Do professionals read amateur mags for tips on better lighting? Certainly not! Would they read the same mags for news? Potentially. However, it's not the case that the amateur would gain from trade magazines.... unless they wanted to become professional.

    I seriously don't believe that professionals in the industry learn all they know from trade publications. Most knowledge is learnt "on the job". And if someone wanted to become proficient in say lighting, they would garner most from a specialist publication (book) by someone in the industry. However, for the amateur, a brief article in a mag will help wonders.

    Lets get away from tv/films and look at my industry. Now the Mail on sunday reader will often read Money Mail and think he's an expert in matters finance related. I'm often horrified by the claptrap they spiel, but the point of the matter is:

    a) they offer useful advice (in general); and,
    b) I still read ithis kind of publication even though I read more "sophisticated" publications.

    Furthermore, sometimes I'll listen to Raido 4 on the way to work, someotime I'll listen to Nick Ferrari on LBC.

    What does that say about the TV and film industry?

    I personally think that anything that gets people involved in viditing is a great thing...

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    I was getting the digital video made easy. Its a good read for someone that is just starting out. I wasn't to happy when they merge both magazines but what can one do. I did notice that after a years worth of info, it started to repeat itself. So if someone is just starting out, a years worth of the mag should be good.

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