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Thread: Help a budding newbie pick a camera

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    Default Help a budding newbie pick a camera

    Hi all

    I am currently at university on what is essentially a film making course. I must be clear that this is very much the career path I have chosen and im very sure on it!

    Long story short I've recently come into some money, and so want to buy my own camera. I want something of a high standard that will last, and enable me to grab some excellent quality film. My initial intention will be to shoot music videos for bands.

    Im pretty set on hd. Regardless of the fact most my work will end up on YouTube or various similar websites.

    Despite my huge enthusiasm and dare I say it 'flare for film', I have a serious lack of knowledge when it comes to chooseing what camera. I have been using Sony Z1 regularly at university, and I think its a great camera to work with. I would definatley be interested in something similar...

    So I guess what im asking is in your opinions, what cameras should I be looking at?

    How much should I be looking to spend? (I would preferably buy secondhand!)

    Cheers guys

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    Panasonic HVX201.

    This is the best camera I've ever had. When I learn how to get the best out of it, I'm sure I'll love it even more.

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