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Thread: Sony HVR-HD 1000N Problem Solver Needed

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    Default Sony HVR-HD 1000N Problem Solver Needed

    Hi all, I am new to the site. I just got a Sony HVR-HD 1000N camera and I am seeing a lot of graininess. The manual oddly mentions nothing about that possibility. I don't know if I have something set wrong or if it was involved in a jolting shipping accident before i received it. it is so frustrating. I feel like a kid at christmas with a broken toy. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

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    Is the graininess on the LCD screen or when you view the footage back through your PC?

    Check your record settings and make sure you are shooting in the highest possible setting.

    I have the HD1000 and am very pleased with the footage it gives, certainly not grainy so it shouln't be the camera unless it does have a knock / drop fault!!

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    Goldfinger the graininess appears to be on both the lcd screen and the mac when played back. i just read the return policy for the web place i ordered it from and it is criminally restrictive. 10 days to return but you have to notify them in five of a defect. bought the extended warranty from them that they have yet to send me. i am at day six btw. that's today when i notified them. unfortunately for them i am the type who will go to the state's consumer fraud division and post endlessly about their practices everywhere i can. sorry for the negativity. just mad as hell. thanks for your response. very nice of you to give me feedback.

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