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Thread: The Gabby Sugin Show !!!

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    Default The Gabby Sugin Show !!!

    Here's part 1 of a talk show we made this summer. It's Christian themed but definitely not what you think.....I hope, that was the make something that wasn't lame.

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    Just a couple of technical points. When you do a two camera shoot try and make sure both cameras are balanced ie the two shot camera has nice colours but the close up camera has a blue tint.

    Also on the close up camera make sure to camera has stopped moving before you cut to it, it's not professional to move the camera from side to side during this sort of a set up. I know it would be better with three cameras one for each gut close up and one for the longer shot.

    Not being American I can not comment on the jokes/script as I didn't understand a word.

    I hope this helps with your next offering.

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    Thank you for the good advice. Those are the same things I think need improvement.

    By the way there was no script, it was all off the top of our heads.

    Have a great day !!!

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