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    just a quick video i made using fallout 3 and a modification for it called "groovatron" which enables dancing and various poses etc..unfortunatley the dance isn't exactly spot onand so is a tad quick in places...but ya go..

    i intend to make a better version in the near future

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    Thats actually quite good. Does the mod come with a range of dances or do you have to program the dance from scratch?

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    it comes with a range of dances, thankfully..otherwise it would of taken forever todo lol

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    I don't usually do critiques of computer game stuff but I will for this to help you with a couple of technical points.

    Fist the music it was either a very bad recording to begin with or somewhere during the processing it was clipping/to loud/distorting.

    The second thing was the object at the top of the screen (poss a mirror ball or a thumb print on the film) needed to be clearer and used or removed.

    One last point, I kept thinking guy bar when watching it ! lol

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    guy bar or gay bar? either way..i think you have repressed memories there should probably go see a therapist :P hehe

    yeah, i need just that piece of music and that was the best recording i could find at a glance on youtube heh.

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    Guy bar, Gay bar it's the same thing isn't it I'm not afraid of expressing my feminine side.

    So what was that thumb print ?

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    oh yes.. it was supposed to be one of those disco ball things..but the chroma keyer wrecked it as it is mostly white.. i might try it with a black background next as the mod for the game has a black and a white room and not a green or blue one..which is a tad annoying lol

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    Take 2 of the thriller music video i made =)

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    That was better.

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