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Thread: HELP! It won't load!

  1. Unhappy HELP! It won't load!

    I have edited a wedding video and had finished it, but watched a copy of it on another screen and the colours are all too saturated. When i went to open the project again a few days later to correct this, the project won't open and it says:

    An error occurred while loading the project file Terence & Julies wedding. vf. The item was not found.

    HELP! This is someone's wedding video and I need to get it right and give it to them relatively soon!!!!!!!!

    I can't start this project again! It took me 6 weeks!

    Can anyone suggest anything I might be doing wrong or anything I can do to fix the error?!

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    Q1: Do you colour correct or colour grade to a LCD or CRT screen/monitor?

    Q2: Does your finished DVD look good on your primary monitoring device: LCD or CR?

    Firstly, check to see if this "second" screen is setup correctly and not over saturated.

    Secondly, play a previously made DVD on this "second" screen. Does it too look over saturated.

    Thirdly, have you used EITHER a Studio RGB to Computer RGB OR Computer RGB to Studio RGB Fx any where in your workflow.

    Fourthly, what MPEG template are you using to create the video DVD files?

    I'm guessing but I think you have created a DVD that looks "good" saturation on your monitors, but this HAS produced over-sat on your second monitor, whatever that may be.

    In terms of col-sat I have 2 ways of preparing DVDs: 1xLCD, correctly set to match closely my CRT. This way I am covered for both eventualities.

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    And before I forget, make SURE you have your colour grading Monitor setup correctly!

    What looks presently acceptable, maybe your monitor is set low, you have compensated by using over-sat and this brings about an over-sat on the final viewing on a "second" monitor? I've done this.

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    Thanks for this advice, I need to be able to check these things, but the problem is, I can't OPEN the project in the first place. This is my problem!

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    Oh right! - My BAD!

    OK . . . this is a VF project file. This would mean it is has been created in a Studio or Platinum version of Vegas.

    OK, what I would be doing is looking for a backup file for this *.vf project file. Do a simple search for *.vf* OR *.vf.bak - this normally finds my files for me. If you can THEN locate it, make an immediate copy of that file and try to open this new copy vf. My Vegas Plat auto backup folder is :-

    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Sony\Vegas Movie Studio Platinum\6.0\

    While you are in there, rummaging about, you might find a whole heap of ancient UNDOs and REDOs. This is where your "UNDO" and "REDO" buffers are held too. Also, you may well comes across many geriatric bak VF files too!

    I'm kinda thinking you did not make serial backups of this work in progress? Along the lines of :-




    Did you?

    If you can't open this file, even from the auto-backup option AND you haven't made sequential saves, then I am at a loss as to what else to try?

    However, It could be something as simple as StudioVegas(?) not having enough space to open it up? this could be the result of a full temp file or prerenders are full or just too little hard disc space.

    Don't reopen this wedding file, but can you open ANY VF files? Or is it just this one? If you can open a new VF project look to see where you have your temp directory for Studio/Plat?

    Do a test defrag analysis of your hard drive and see what it says? How much space do you have on your HD? Are you working solely on ONE hard drive?
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    In case there is corrupted file or something (windows side) try a restore and see if that helps, try Grazie's stuff first as you need to isolate the problem.

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    Thanks so much! I'll test this all out and let you know the outcome!

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