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    Hi guys,

    apologies for the possible repetition here, some of this has been covered elsewhere,

    Basically, I'm tryna get 2500 (roughly) together for a video setup (comp and camera, basically). I've decided to go mac for the first time to use FCP.

    So first;

    Should I spend the extra 400 or so to get the new quad core Imac (27''), or are core 2's still viable?


    I eventually want a Sony Z1, but obviously this is out of budget for now even if I pick one up second hand. So, as a temporary compromise, should I go for something like a Canon XL2 (or another DV cam in that range (off ebay for less than 1000, leaving 1500 for the comp), or a cheaper HDV cam (I would need to see a significant return in vid quality to go for one of those miniature consumer jobs).

    Impossible questions, right? Obviously the more powerful mac is better and HD is higher resolution but the creative options are reduced. Hopefully you guys will empathise with my plight, and help me decide what I prefer... or something like that.

    Love and thanks,

    John x

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    I you decide to stay with SD you could do a lot worse than get a Panasonic DVX100 series. The are renowned for there "Film look" if thats important to you and they give you great flexibility when shooting. You can pick them up second hand for just under a grand. Having said that I have seen great footage from the new consumer HD cameras. Horses for courses I guess.

    If you must go for a Mac definitely get the most powerful one it will be worth the extra in editing, even SD can take a lot of power if it's high quality.

    Good luck and have fun with what ever you decide to go with.

    PS My opinion is biased because I love my Panasonics


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