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    this is one of my first ingame videos i made. It revolves around one of my characters travelling from his home to the grave of his parents =)

    Game shot in: Fallout 3
    music: carry on my wayward son

    this was rendered before i realised what the best rendering settings were for a HD video.

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    Well it was a bit long

    Ok tips for improvement.

    The walking shots with the character in shot work much better than when we have movement and he is not in the frame. I dont know if the game engine allows you total free movement of the camera but if so I would try and keep the character in view from various angles whilst he walks.

    The panning shots are the weakest as when they appear it has that horrible first person viewpoint that I dont think works.

    Its good that your trying to tell a story, i.e. the journey home to the grave. I have never played Fallout 3 but the landscapes appear very similar and very unphotogenic. I realise its meant to be set in a post apocalyptic world but geeze it looks drab.

    I didnt like the music to be honest and its crying out for a nice mix of music and sound effects. Have you ever thought of trying to act the voice of your character? and dubbing that into the movie. Could be fun to do.

    Most people around here won't comment on such videos but I can see they could be fun to make and it does force you to think of and reproduce interesting camera angles.

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    the main problem with the engine is that it is quite limiting.. there is a cosole command to make it so i can shoot from anywhere and what ever angle.. BUT then i can't move the any movement shots will have to be quite close and at silly angles =(

    Fallout 3 perhaps isn't the best game to make a good video and it doesn't help that my graphics card isn't the best in the world so my game lags when i use fraps to record :(

    i personally love cheesy 70's rock music :P hehe.. but i can see why others might not. sound effects are a good idea, it is something i am daddling in at the moment but alas, cannot do voice overs just yet as i do not have a microphone =(

    thanks! =)


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