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    hey hey,

    currently i have an ATI radeon x800 XT 512mb g-card. I got it when i got my computer, about 4 years ago maybe, or perhaps 5 ... it has served me well all up until modern warfare 2 as the game will not play as i need a card capable of pixel shader 3.0 and mine is only 2.0 or something like that.

    i don't want to break the bank as it were.. i'm not one of those who needs everything on max settings etc etc... So, i was wondering, would the nvidia 9800 GT card be good enough and would it be much of a boost over my previous card? and will it actually allow me to play MW2? =)

    my current system is a dell xps 3rd generation gaming machine (the best comp for those who cannot afford alienware..or atleast it used to be)

    3.6ghz P4 with HT

    3 gig ram

    200 gig hard drive

    and one of those over powered special editions audigy sound cards.

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    Looks like good spec PC for the money. I've heard good things about the 9800 GT card but I don't know about games so I can't advise you on that.

    You might want to consider upping the Ram to 4 Gig and a second HD of 1Tb. The 200Gb HD is fine for the OS and Apps but if you are editing footage it's always best to have those files on a different HD. Also it's amazing how much space you need once you've got through a few projects.

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