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  1. Red face APE: Black spaces in place of Pictures

    Hi - does anyone have a suggested fix for this problem: I am editing material off my vid cam using APE, including video and photos. When I import the photos into my project I often end up with a black space in place of the photo instead of the picture itself. It seems inconsistent as some jpegs import ok whilst others don't. What confuses me more is that some may import into the project today and when I re-open the next time the photo has been replaced by a black space!
    When I run the project to a dvd ready for viewing I end up with video clips, interspersed with black spaces where the photos have disappeared!
    Any help would be very welcome!
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    Could it be that the program is looking for them on your removable media (which isn't always plugged in) and not to where they are stored on the hard drive?

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