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    I am looking for some software to edit my dvd camcorder footage.At the moment i am using roxio creator 2009 ultimate but i am having problems with it loading onto my pc after having to uninstall it.So i want to try a different software as i have tried everything to get roxio back on with no success.I was looking at Adobe premiere elements 7.All i want to do is put title credits on my films and piece them all together/I dont want to cut pieces out etc just something easy to use thanks.

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    There are plenty of trials on video editing programs right now. I would suggest googleing them and give them a try at your leisure. You even have free ones like Windows movie Maker already on your PC. But you may not be able to use the DVD files without converting them first.

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    Movie maker doesnt support the dvd format like you say without changing it.Is abode prem elements pretty straight forward to use.

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    I've never used it. BUT I'm sure it's as usable as most NLE's

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