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Thread: Just shot my first music video, feedback

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    Smile Just shot my first music video, feedback

    I'm very new at this. I shot the video with a sony hdr cx100. I used sony vegas to edit the video. Is there a better program for edititng on PC's? and how did I do on my first video?

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    Good first effort I think it's quite well put together. For your next one have a think about lighting for interior shots.

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    I didn't get the significance of discussing the map at the beginning. I sort of expected it to come back to that at the end.

    It was cut in a relaxed manned which suited the relaxed feel of the music.

    I'd go one fiurther than MB as regards lighting. You need to get more light on the talent throughout. Shooting anyone against a bright background (eg sky) throws them into sillhouette, and I felt any expression on the talent's face was lost on just about all scenes. You could improve this reflecting light onto the talent's face and possibly adjusting exposure as well.

    It simply didn't look to me like the talent was singing the song. This may have been an audio sync problem in YouTube, but if not, you need to address this.

    You minimised the number of zooms (they're generally a no-no, but in a styalise pice such as a music video the odd crash zoom can be appropriate) but I noticed a wobble at the end of one. If that happend do another take. Nothing shrieks "amateur" more than a bad zoon with a wobble

    Good effort and thanks for posting.

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    I think you have done pretty well with your first music video. I agree with the comments already made. As for are there other editors, yep there are a few but all pretty much alike. Your already using a popular editor, just stick with one that lots of others are using, that way advice is never far away.

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    the shots done indoors could be colour corrected from studio RGB to computer RGB, sharpened and perhaps darkened slightly..or lightened up...give that a try

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    Yeah good start. too many quick dissolves for me personally but you ain't far away. Stick with Vegas its a cool editing platform

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    need more half naked women make it true to it's genre :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty4life View Post
    need more half naked women make it true to it's genre :P
    Yes in my view you can't take that suggestion too far

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    looks good!
    I like the meeting part heheh!

    thanks for sharing

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