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    Ok. My video camera (Canon) doesn't have a microphone input. I was going to try to return it and get one that does(I plan to make some documentaries) but instead I decided to just do the audio through my computer. So here is my question: I can network the camera though my laptop(live feed) and can capture what my camera sees and hears directly onto my hardrive. But can I do the same thing with audio? Can I set up a audio feed and capture it on my computer simoltaneously with video. Say I want to interview someone. Does adobe alow me to capture live audio feed on a seperate track from video?

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    My advice would be to record the sound using a seperate device such as a minidisc player, and then synch this with the video in post production. I'm not sure whether you can capture two different sources in Premiere at the same time, but it sure is going to put a lot of stress on a laptop hard drive...

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