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Thread: My friend's cine film ...

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    Default My friend's cine film ...

    My pal gave me some cine film (a combination of standard and super 8 ).

    'Could you put that on a DVD for me, wee man?'

    'Sure', says I.

    'And could you stick a wee version on the WEB for my cousins in America?'

    Well, how do you condense 30 minutes of variable quality (euphamism) cine film into something short and watchable on the WEB whilst including the granny, cousin so and so, and the horses from the funfair, and that pal that was with him in Blackpool in 1974 etc ? Phew ... (11.01Mb)

    As ever, right click link and Save Target As for optimal viewing enjoyment.
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    ooh, very nice! Incidently, it takes me ages to render film to look like that...

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    ahh the early days of home movie making...

    you cant beat them cine 8s for that true authentic cine 8 feel!

    Decades pass for acceptable quality in home movies but still people crave for that old style camera authenticity.

    im sure my dad still has his somewhere.

    btw.take a look at this site

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    Great technique, wish I could be as imaginitive. How else to condense so much into a short space. You made it look as if it was easy to put together.

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    Your choice of music is a little over-dramatic

    But the simple effects work well...

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