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    Hello friends!
    I wante to do an adaptation of a film to Portuguese ...
    This is the original: [ame=]YouTube - A Man Fell in a Hole[/ame]
    I intend to make a similar one using the green screen - or I have to find a real hole!
    Could you give me some tips for shooting/filming?
    Scenes from the bottom can be filmed anywhere ... but how can I make the scenes where a character appears at the top of the hole and the other fallen there? Or the scenes where you see someone up there? Or the scenes where the camera rises up?
    Any idea?
    (I've got Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12...thinking to upgrade to 14)

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    Whatever you do, you've got to change the ending... far too tacky.

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    Our finances are in a big hole, perhaps you could use that.

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    The way I would do it is get a big piece of stiff card or wood and cut a hole in it to the right size. Then paint it green. Raise it vertically and look through it as though looking down.


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