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Thread: having problems in exporting wmv with pinnacle studio 12 and windows xp 64

  1. Default having problems in exporting wmv with pinnacle studio 12 and windows xp 64

    hi everybody,

    i'm using pinnacle studio 12 on my pc. with windows xp - i have generaly no problems with one pc. with another pc - i use xp64 - and pinnacle just wont let me render wmv. there is no wmv option at all. its just gone.
    i got all the newest codecs, etc...what could be the problem?

    mpeg 2+4 - it renders without any problem.

    i appreciate your help, and have a good day all

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    Did you download the WMV codec/driver from the Pinnical web site. OR the 12.1 patch.

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    i haven't! i will try now to look for those.

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    ok - i checked. my version is indeed 12.1.

    i looked at pinnacle's site - but couldn't find any wmv codec/driver to download...:(

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    i wanna be accurate. the "windows media" option exists when i go to the "make movie" tablet. but bellow it - all of the option of wmv (hd 720p, dvd, etc...) are just not there. there is only "costum" option which gives me crappy 320*200 resolution or something like that.

    any help is appreciated.

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    Ok I Understand your problem but don't understand why it's happening. You say in the Presets option you don't have the list of options just the Custom. Forgive me for asking but you have tried changing the preset from custom to a different option ?

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    off course i have . thats why i wrote that in the presets i got ONLY costum...there is no other option(like i have when i work on another pc with windows xp - all the available options are there).
    at the xp64 - when i choose "windows media" for file type - all i have in presets is "costum". nothing more.
    mpeg2/4 it renders with no problem at 720p/1080 etc... :(

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    Sorry I had to ask, I've been dealing with some real noobs lately

    I really don't know why the choices are not there on the 64bit machine.

    The only other option available short of uninstalling it an installing again is to open the bottom of the settings window and at the bottom there are some other options for you the best I could find was only 640 x 480. I realise this is not ideal for you. BUT your problem is a mystery to me. You could try the Pinnacle forum

    Sorry I couldn't help with your problem.

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    thank you for trying.
    btw - i uninstalled and reinstalled twice - didn't fixed anything.

    i will try at pinnacle forum - thank you so much

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