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    Default Newbie with Q on video editing

    I have just purchased a DVR with DVD recording capability (Toshiba RS-TX20) and noticed that when I created a DVD of an old Sony Super8 tape it created large files on the DVD that have the file type ".VOB".

    I am thinking of getting Adobe Premier Elements to do the editing/burning. Can this software (and/or one of the other popular ones) read a file of type VOB in excess of 1.1Gb off the DVD created by the Toshiba DVD burner?

    The reason I ask is that I am hoping NOT to have to pay someone else, or buy another piece of hardware, to digitize my 50 or so super8 tapes in order to get them into the computer...

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    Adobe Premiere does not natively support editing MPEG files. This currently requires a third party plugin which is flaky and expensive at best. The VOB file you have created is an MPEG file with modified headers (essentially it's a funny old MPEG2 file).

    You can either convert this file to DV AVI using something like flaskMPEG or you can use another application such as MPEG video wizard to edit vob files
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    You can also Download Tmpeg for free

    You can use it to convert the VOB file into a mpeg1 or mpeg2
    *.VOB is not one of the files in the list of files. but if you choose
    "All File" VOB opens and only take a short time to covert the VOB
    to mpg.

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