Just looking at changing the old VX2100 for a Sony High Def camera, at the lower end of the price range, so something like the FX1 / FX7 looks like the option

Can anyone tell me what major differences there are in these 2, as i have seen them both at simiar prices

One that stands out is the Zoom, with the FX7 having a 20x and the FX1 only having a 12x, but what else is there

If the major differences are the picture quality in HD, then will it matter that i will only be producing work in SD ( but obviously an FX1 / FX7 in SD will be better than a VX2100 )

Or would you recomend spending a little more and going for another model ?

Its very basic stuff its being used for, motorsport video, which doesnt need loads of audio settings or add ons - but will be adding a Microphone for interviews etc

Also wanting to add one of the CF card recorders too, but i think those fit to most of the models now dont they ?