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    Hi - I've got Sony Vegas pro 9.0 and been experimenting for a couple of months, but I don't want to upload a video until I know all the fundamental aspects properly. There have been a few things that have been holding me back with Vegas and I haven't been able to find help via tuts etc. So thought I would ask my questions here - rather than create separate threads.

    1) How do you edit on just one track without it affecting the other tracks (inc audio.) If, for example, I want to cut the audio short then it also deletes the same area of the video or vice-versa. The same happens if you want to manipulate text above a video track. This is causing me all sorts of problems. I have tried right-clicking audio> ungroup, but the "ungroup" option isn't available. How do I avoid this problem?

    2) I've noticed on youtube that some videos are automatically shown in HD (high quality and biggest screen.) I usually upload mine in HD 1280X720, and when they appear on youtube, it offers viewers the option to see it in HQ, but it isn't automatic. How can this be done?

    3) When I try and apply a split screen effect I'm having two problems. Firstly, I go to the plan/crop and pull the dialogue box out to make it smaller. This is successful in making it smaller horizontally , but vertically from top to bottom, it actually makes it too small. This leaves black showing in the video, which should be full. Iíve tried adjusting it, but if I try and make the length bigger, it wonít keep the vertical length. Any ideas how to fix this problem? For example - are there specific settings that I can input which do this? The second problem I have is that when I do a split screen, feathering doesnít always cover up the fact that itís a split screen (due to different backgrounds.) Is there any other way this can be done, or does your source material have to always be similar (similar/same background so it blends?)

    4) Often I see videos on youtube where only a small aspect of something is changed -I.e. the colour of the face or hair. I assume this is done by masking. The only problem I have is no matter how careful I am masking, it never looks quite perfect. Especially if youíre doing an irregular shape. Is there anyway, tools or anything that can making masking more accurate. Feathering is a problem because unless you change the colour of the masked area to something different, then you can tell feathering has taken place as it leaves something of a white outline. Iíve also noticed if I try masking a face and then put it back to where it was originally it doesnít quite look right. For example:

    The first example shows what result I get when I merely mask and then feather a picture. The second shows what happens when I change the colour of a specific aspect of a picture, Obviously thatís a picture, but videos are much the same. Any ideas?

    5) Iíve seen FX where a person or thing is shown and then a second (often slightly transparent version of said thing/person) moves forwards. Can anyone explain how this is achieved?

    6) Final question! Phew. Visual effects. Iíve managed to achieve some decent text effects just using the pan/crop tool. However, Iím not sure whether Iím doing it in the correct way. I insert my vid on the track below and then insert text media on the higher track. Sometimes I want to do an effect where the letters of a word appear slowly and individually or where I want a sentence to appear word by word. To do this I insert text media and use a different one for each word, then set it by key frames time-wise and place each individual one above the video. Is this the way Iím supposed to do it - or is there a more sophisticated way?

    In addition, Iíd sometimes like to make an area of text glow (for example.) There doesnít seem to be the facility to do this on Vegas. Are there any text effects plugins that would be useful for this.

    And thatís it! Sorry about all the questions -Iíve still got a lot to learn. Any help with the above would be hugely appreciated.
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    well, the wierd face/masking issue... try lowering the opacity of the masked portion to 50%..or until it looks better. on the keyframe bar..zoom in..thn start placing your mask beacon things...then you can do all sorts of shapes etc.

    i am slightly confused on the audio part i'm afraid...butif i interpretated it simply just need to right click and insert new audio and have a couple of layers of audio so you are free to edit the desired track with out bothering the others.

    also, regarding rendering settings:

    save as type: MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4)

    Video tab:

    Frame size - (custom Frame size)
    Width 1280
    Lenght 720

    Profile - Baseline

    Frame rate: 29.970000

    (tick "allow source to adjust timeline")

    Pixel aspect ratio: 1.0000

    (click on "variable bit rate" and tick "two pass")

    Maximum (BPS): 4,000,000
    Average (BPS): 2,000,000

    Audio tab:

    Sample rate (hz): 48,000
    Bit rate (bps): 6,000

    Project tab:

    Video rendering quality: Best

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    Nightingale, I seriously suggest you split this up and post these as separate questions in separate threads. It will be an absolute nightmare to follow otherwise, with some people answering just one or two questions and then follow ups referring to those without a clear reference

    (eg "another way of doing it would be .....)

    If you do that I'm sure I can help on a few of these.

    With your agreement I'd like to close this thread so you can do this.

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    Yes, sure. That's fine. I'll try posting perhaps two questions in each thread - does that sound OK?

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    Thanks, NG.

    Why not one per thread? It just makes it easier if someone searches for (say) a discussion on "split screen" and they see lots of stuff about enhancing just one colour.

    The more threads the better!

    I've closed this now so you can separate them out. Cheers. Tim

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