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Thread: is it possible to make a 3d movie???

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    Default is it possible to make a 3d movie???

    hi I was wondering if it was possible to make a 3d movie as in with 3d gogles and things coming out of the screen?? eather in cg or with real people how is it done?

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    Default 3D Movies ... complicated!


    First of all you need two cameras. They need to be a certain distance apart. They also need to be perfectly in sync with each other.

    Then, you need to combine them both with each other alternating quickly between each at say 60Hz... so you'd have one frame from the left (A) and then one from the right (B) in a consistent ABABABAB pattern. A frames would have to be one colour and B the other (usually red/green, although this gives sort of monochrome looking 3D...) or alternatively newer systems do it by using different polarising filters and special glasses... or even glasses that themselves are synced to the film itself via infrared or something. In any case I think the principle is there. The glasses make the left eye only see A frames and the right eye only see B frames.

    Computer CGI

    It's the same idea except your rendering engine has to render each scene from a slightly different angle and then the rest is the same as above.

    However, you might be thinking about 2D animation with 'depth' like the Toy Story style 3D animation. This can be achieved with high quality rendering software which does clever lighting effects and stuff, there's a free thing called Blender 3D - an open source renderer - which you could have a look at for more background.

    Basically, it's ambitious to get 3D working but I'm sure that if you really want to, you can do it. It will cost more (because you need two cameras in sync, or a high quality rendering solution for CGI) but it is feasible.

    If you're a bit of a beginner, get used to some of the concepts and standards in regular digital film and animation first, that will help. You could also try just 3D still photography experiments with one camera and a fixed scene, that might give you a bit of an idea.

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    Default there is

    there is a way to make a 3d movie go to yahoo adnd o a search on make a 3d movie. A link should say how to hack a diy camera. Click on it. G4tv page will come up. Somewhere on the page it'll say page 1,2. Click page 2 and itll show you what you need.

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    Check out Anaglyphs on the web and see what you get there. Stick two video cameras on a base on a tripod (same make of cameras would be perfect) and they have to be the same distance as your eyes are from pupil to pupil (about 6 cms - not always possible). One camera acts as the left eye view and the other acts as the right eye view. Your finished video will then have to be put on two tracks in After Effects as there is a 3d command or effect in After Effects (think it's called 3D Glasses - go for the red and blue one) and hopefully that should give you a three D movie (unfortunately you need the special glasses to make it work). Also remember to have objects in the foreground, mid ground and background (in other words a bit of a clutter compared to 'normal' video making). Well that's my two cents on the subject.

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