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Thread: Bob vs Ryu

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    Default Bob vs Ryu

    So, after practicing with some effects I came up with this odd video.

    [ame=]YouTube - Bob vs Ryu[/ame]

    I know, I still have a ways to go but I think I'm making some good progress.

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    Well that was fun. Not bad effects. I think there is room for a real story you could develop from this.

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    nice one lol....when the camera is close up on your almost look like jeremy from pure pwnage...almost that is heh..

    ooohh..can you do one with scorpion from mortal kombat next? hehe

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    Neat. A big improvement.
    So where did the hum go

    The effects were pretty good, not all entirely realistic, but then they wouldn't be if your opponent is a cartoon!

    The next thing for you to concentrate on is lighting. I'm not suggesting you go out and buy lights or anything, but you could, I'm sure do better by positioning yourself and the camera in better places. A lot of the time we have you with your dark hair and dark clothes against a white lit wall/doors. Net result - you're a silhouette. Move stuff round or get some light stuff in front of you to at least reflect some light onto you.

    And expose for the talent (you in this case). It doesn't matter if the background is over exposed, we need to see you.

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    Thank you all for the comments. I'm glad to see that everyone liked it. It turned out that the humming was coming from my three P.C's. So, I just shut them off during the video.

    Are there any tutorials on lighting? It's tough to figure out what exactly to do.

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    If you go on to YouTube you will find some basic lighting tutorials [ame=""]here is a start for you.[/ame]

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    Hi true

    Just watched your latest blockbuster and I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the moment you recognised that the game character had turned up to take you on. Yes the effects were not particularly convincing but they certainly fit in with the movie. I didn't like the music much but then I am an old fart.

    Your learning fast, keep up the good work

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    LOL, this is so cool and funn!


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