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Thread: Dear John and Edward Grimes...

  1. Default Dear John and Edward Grimes...

    what can i say?

    i got bored and decided to pass the time by combining my favourite PC game (fallout 3) and my hatred for the x-factor twins john and edward.

    not the best edited thing on the planet, but it only took me 10 minutes to do hehe

    [ame=]YouTube - Dear John & Edward Grimes....[/ame]

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    I'm sure that's a sentiment everyone over the age of 5 has.

    I think it needs lots of blood. Te He

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    Default Notice of pending legal action

    Dear Mr Dusty4Life

    My client, Mr Simon Cowl has instructed us to demand that you remove your disgraceful post from the internet with immediate effect.

    Your cynical use of high velocity rounds to mask the sound of John and Edward Grimes singing is offensive and upsetting to their parents and of course acts as an incitement to others to go out and shoot them for real.

    John and Edward have good singing voices and are very popular, so popular in fact that all of our backing singers want to get on stage and sing with them.

    I look forward to early action on your part.

    Charles Smashit (Snr. Partner)
    Smashit & Grabbit Solicitors

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    *replaces the assualt rifle with a .50 calibre machine gun*

    "huh, what did ya say? i can't hear ya"

    ratatatatatatatatatatata <--- sound of machine gun :P

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