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Thread: My teaser trailer for my film project

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    Default My teaser trailer for my film project

    This is the trailer for my upcoming film project on Zozo the Ouija Spirit.

    [ame=""]YouTube - The ZoZo Ouija Phenomena[/ame]

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    Ok 2 points at 13 secs the Darren is rubbing his nose, I would cut that out.

    The second point is the text. At 30 secs the text is on the screen to long and at 47 secs there is to much text on the screen. It can't all be read in time. I would have put one paragraph at a time on screen even if that mean the trailer goes over time by 10 or 20 seconds.

    Other than that is was ok.

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    The rubbing the nose thing was intentional....looks kind of stupid though I agree. I was interacting with the Oz[Zo symbol. And I put all those texts on that so people would have to pause it to read it....glad you caught that. Thanks for pointing out the

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    i would edit the last "zozo oija phenomena" part to fade out instead of just disapeering.. you need it to flow, not just snap.. if you get my drift.

    good work so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenteed View Post
    Thanks for pointing out the
    Not sure how to take that comment ?

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