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Thread: 3CCD Cameras to look for? - Indoor Filming

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    Well next year I'm going to be trying to find some decent cameras, will be filming in primarily indoor with varied lighting.

    I was going to attempt to find a few Canon XM2 second hand, but there 4:3 and I heard the 16:9 isn't as good as the 4:3. I've also considered Canon HV30 but wondered if it would pale in comparison to Cameras with 3CCD. I've also looked at Sony HDR-HC5 which are about 300 Second Hand in local store.

    So, I was wondering what Cameras I could look out, I'm more then likely going to be going for second hand, because my Budget is about 500 - 650 per camera as I'm looking to get two or three.

    So any advice on types to look for will be appreciated.
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    That's a big question. I can only give you my biased opinion. I would say if your going for SD get the Panasonic DVX100 series or if you want HD get the Panasonic HVX200 series.

    Again this is my biased opinion. Not based on any reason other than it's what I went for.

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    Thanks for the reply, I will check them both out now. There's just so many out there

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