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Thread: HG21 camera lights/mic help required what alternatives

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    Default HG21 camera lights/mic help required what alternatives

    Our community have been given a Canon HG21 on long term loan to video people living in our village.
    We have also been loaned the small Canon light that goes with the camera, a Rode "shotgun ?"mic and a basic battery Paglite.
    We are going to video just over 100 families. The procedure is we go to their house and video them talking about their lives in the village.

    The problem - the lighting in individual houses goes from average to very poor and we would like to have lighting levels in each house the same by using our lights. The on camera light that fits the camera is very small and does not do the job. The shoe on the camera is a "mini advanced shoe" and the
    Paglite has a full sized shoe and does not fit.

    The question ? is there a plate or fitting we can get so we can utilise the camera shoe to mount the Paglite. Any ideas, fixes , hacks that we can use to get the Paglite on camera.
    We also need to attach the Rode mic or use the on camera mic.

    Any help or advice appreciated.

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    I would recommend getting a small mic stand for the Rode and put it on the floor pointing at the people talking. Get it as close to them as possible without it getting in the way. I would also consider getting separate lighting.

    This could be as basic as work lights. One behind and to the side to light their backs and one in front to light there faces. If you have the same setup in each house you will get a better continuity.

    Failing that, someone invented Gaffer tape for a reason.

    Good luck with your project.

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    Midnight Blue many thanks for your post.
    I've attached the Rode mic to an old jessops tripod ( we had a 3m extension lead with the mic).
    I found that the Rode shoe had been filed down to fit the mini shoe on the camera.

    We are not in a position to buy more lights - this due to what I call "local politics" !!!

    We have just tried out some site/work lights - they are 500w and VERY hot and we don't think we shall use them. The group leader has found an extension arm from his bird feeder!! which clamps around one of the tripod legs. The Paglite is going to be fixed to this.
    We are having a couple of trial interviews on Saturday and we think we are sorted for the start of the project.
    Again many thanks for your help.

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    Yes, the work lights do get hot, so in a confined space that may not be practical for you. I'm glad you have got sorted. If you need any further tips on doing the filming, there are lots of useful tutorials on YouTube.

    Have fun.

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