To start off, I'll give you my specs:

MacBook Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo
2.66 Ghz
4 GB of Ram
OSX 10.5.8
Adobe Premiere CS3 version 3.2

Adobe Premiere used to run completely smooth for me. For months, everything was fine. Today, out of nowhere, it has started to lag. I have not changed any system settings or any settings within Premiere. However, for some odd reason, it lags 3-4 seconds every time i try to play my timeline. It never did this before. I thought that maybe I had to start rendering my timelines, so I did, and it didn't fix it at all; I've still got the lag.

Now, I know 3-4 seconds isn't a long time... but it's quite annoying when I'm in a rush editing something (this lag really adds up when you're doing short/quick cuts). I also shouldn't be experiencing it now, considering I never did before.

Does anybody know why it's doing this out of nowhere?