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Thread: early draft of ingame mod intro

  1. Default early draft of ingame mod intro


    this is an early draft version of a possible intro that will be used as a trailer for the mod itself.. (the game in question is fallout 2)

    of course when the mod is actually completed...additional footage will be added after the intro sequence =)

    just look for some constructive crticism, advice or even praise hehe

    the first part of the intro is supposed to resemble the original orian production animation..obviously with my own twist heh =)

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    updated version!

    [ame=]YouTube - test intro: Auto-9 mod trailer fallout 3[/ame]

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    I'd like to help but I'm not sure what it is, may be I'm showing my age but I don't know what this is an intro for.

    I can say I liked the effect at 25 secs when it said Media Break. ???

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    oh right..yes.. its a trailer for a modification for a popular PC game called "Falout 3" a modification maker friend of mine is creating the "Auto-9" pistol from i am making the trailer for the mod. He hasn't finished it yet, so i am stuck with just making the intro for the moment until it is finished and i can record in game footage and go ahead further with the video

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    Ok let me see if I've got this right. It's an advert for the Auto-9 gun to be placed in a game mod of Fallout3. Have I got that right ?

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    mostly...the trailer won't be in game you see.

    The file will be uploaded to a massive website that everyone downloads mods from for their game..attach to the files download page will be this trailer.. most people just tend to put up screen shots..or..photographs ( :P ) of their mods and i thought i would try at making a trailer for it..if that makes sense.

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    Yes I think I've got it. I'm obviously not up to speed on this kind of thing. The last time I played computer games Doom one was just released !

    Ok now there is not much to go on with your trailer as you say it's just an into to the Advert. BUT I'll lay it on the line as I see it. I hope your sat down.

    The dusty4life at the start looks "milky" it need more contrast. The black is not black. I like the over all logo but it will be too long for this occasion. I'm not sure if you will have it on the actual advert but I can only comment on what I see. The Robo Cop head is squashed as though the aspect ratio is wrong ie putting a 4:3 into a 16:9.

    I liked the Media Break title. I'm not a script expert so this is difficult for me to comment on but I did chuckle at the jokes. During the voice over I would have made the OCP logo more transparent and smaller. It looked like a good edit/mix of Robo Cop footage in the back ground so I would have made that more prominent. The computer generated speech is a problem for me but I don't know how you could have done it any better.

    These are my opinions, you are free to take it or leave it as you see fit. I have no experience in this kind of thing. So I am in no position to tell you what is better or worse that anything else.

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    the colour for the first 15 odd seconds is jaded for a is an ode to the old orion studio animation and i made it 80s esque and put my own spin on it

    the voice over parts...couldnt really do anything except for that as getting voice actors is a pain and it takes forever for them to get back to me etc etc... and the jokes were to fit in with the robocop morbid sense of humour for the media break adverts after the news flashes in the film =)

    i will fiddle about with the other stuff though when i can, thanks =)

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    I think most people who would see the ad weren't even alive in the 80's the homage went way over my head.

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    the cheek.. i am only 23 and i still remember it vividly..mind you.. my fav films were made in the 80's and produced by orion hehe

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